AP3 English

Watch here for information related particularly to your class and level.


Some of you definitely need to improve your spelling.   Here are some websites that can help.

ESL Desk Spelling

Many Things Spelling Games


For grammar and vocabulary try this page

And here is a great page for practising your grammar.    Try the irregular verb quizzes first as I will be including this on your next grammar quiz.

If you need to work more on present perfect tense,   this looks like a good website.

If you need to better understand past perfect,  study this website  and this website

Finally (for now),  try this page for reading practice and also BBC Learning English is very good.    For an American perspective,  you can explore CNN Student News

Assess your own vocabulary:

These short on-line tests will inform you and your teacher of your vocabulary knowledge.   It is important in these tests NOT to click  ”reset test”.


When you are finished,  click ”score”.   Please write your scores for the 5 tests on the sheet your teacher gives you after each test.  This should not take more than 30 minutes.



1.  Go to   http://www.lextutor.ca/tests/levels/recognition/1k/test_1.html and take the test.   Record your score when you are done.


2.  Go to    http://www.lextutor.ca/tests/levels/recognition/2_10k/  and take the tests for Level 2000, Level 3000,  Level 5000 and the University Word List.   Record your scores when you have completed the four tests.    When you are finished, please give your assessment sheet  to Les.


Past vs. Present Perfect Review Worksheet Answers

  1. had moved/ have lived
  2. had lived
  3. has lived
  4. had studied
  5. have studied
  6. had worked
  7. has worked
  8. had had
  9. have had
  10. have liked


Essay Writing

Go to this page to see Thursday’s presentation


Here is the type of outline I would like you to use in AP3.     While this one is for a process essay,   it can easily be modified for other essay types.    You can expand the points depending on your essay.    Remember,  except for your hook, thesis and topic sentences, your outline can be in point form.

And here are the answers for the past perfect and past perfect progressive worksheet we did in class.

Finally,   here are some sample hooks and theses.    Can you classify the hooks?

July 17, 2012    Assignments

1.  Writing assignment due on Monday —  an easy 10 marks

You are to write a descriptive paragraph that contains 10 adjective clauses (5 with subject relative pronouns and 5 with object relative pronouns).   Each correct structure gets a mark.     Please show me your controlling idea by Thursday.   

2.  Writing assignment due on Thursday — 10 marks —   Process Essay Draft 1

Brainstorming & Notes — 2 marks;  Outline — 3 marks; Essay (Draft 1) — 5 marks


July 18, 2012

Homework for tomorrow

  1. Study for tomorrow’s quiz — grammar Unit 14  and some questions about process essays, which I’ve taught.
  2. Your process essay brainstorming and outline should be finished and much (50%+) of your written draft 1.    I will consult with you in computer lab tomorrow while you type it.   It is due by 12:30 tomorrow, when I will begin to mark it.
  3. Verb Tense Review Worksheet (PART 1 Post-Test)   Do Exercises 3-6
  4. Reading/Vocabulary Worksheet from today (Read and do p.53)
  5. Bring your main idea/thesis for your ‘Adjective Clauses’ paragraph, which is due on Monday.
I have also added some new information and links to the grammar and writing pages of this website.    Go to useful pages for students and check it out.
July 19, 2012
Here is the verb tenses website that I told you about in class today.  Practice the exercises to understand what gives you difficulty.    This page explains the tenses (good review).
Remember the homework for Monday.
  1. Adjective Clauses paragraph.    (If you organize your writing, it will be easier.  5 object adjective clauses and 5 subject adjective clauses = 10 marks.)
  2. Grammar — Read and do Unit 21 pp. 340-346
  3. Reading — Read and do in R to W  pp. 116-121
July 23, 2012
Welcome to the final 2 of 7 weeks.    This is probably the most intense part of the course. It will most certainly challenge those of you engaged in Ramadan, which in part is about challenge and sacrifice.     To succeed in life and study,  one must adjust to circumstances.   One way to do this is to effectively manage your time and your life.  In the   “Learning Skills”  page of this blog, there are some helpful links in this regard.    
I also came across a very good grammar practice website here.    I recommend doing the relative clauses, gerunds and conditionals quizzes.
Here is a link  to the Reading Tips presentation I gave you this morning.

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  1. Good after noon .. I would like to thank you about the helpful materails which are available on website …I could build my vocabulary and my basic grammer as well.

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