Here is an area where most of your studying can be done independently.

Try some of the quizzes on this website.


This page also is excellent.

Let me know what areas of grammar are difficult for you based on this.

Can you use adjective clauses correctly?   Try this quiz.  (It avoids the tricky comma clauses.)      This website has quizzes and information about many different parts of grammar.

It is important to know your verbs as they are at the centre of every clause.   You must know the spelling and forms of both regular and irregular verbs.   You must know their infinitive, simple past and past participle forms.   Study the irregular verbs here  and test your ability here  and  here.    Remember for regular verbs to double the consonant following a short vowel  (plan –> planned)   but not for a long vowel (float –> floated).

Most important, though,  is to know your clauses,  as they are at the heart of every sentence.  You can read more about clauses here and here.

You must build up from words (you must learn vocabulary and spelling), to phrases, to clauses, to sentences.   Then you can start writing paragraphs and essays.   Here you will need ideas (both quantity and quality) and use your grammar and vocabulary to organize and write them down.

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Podcasting — In and Out

Podcasts and Podcasting is a great tool to develop your listening skills and your speaking skills.     In addition,  you need to use reading and perhaps in creating your own podcasts,  you will also use some writing.

PodOmatic (  is a free and easy web tool for listening to podcasts and creating your own.   Explore it a bit.

This PodOmatic review in the form of a PodOmatic podcast explains the website.

Watch for more about podcasts coming soon to this blog.


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