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After writing, listening is the next most difficult skill for second language learners.   Visit this blog post for an overview of the listening process.   Here are some good tips.

You first must determine what your listening strengths and weaknesses are.  Remember that note-taking is not listening, but a separate skills associated with listening.

With listening,  you use both top down (main idea/s)  and bottom up (specific details) skills.

Try to do some focussed listening every day or two — about 15-20 minutes.   BBC Learning English is a good site for this,  or TED Talks,   or  CBC Radio here  or here.   The key is to be able to look at a transcript after to check your notes,  or use this transcript to prepare a listening cloze.

Here are some useful websites to practice these skills (plus note-taking).  Explore these resources and find some tools that work for you.

BBC Learning English   (I recommend “6 minute English” within this website.)

English Central  (This is a great tool for practice listening in short spurts.)

200 Listening Dictation Exercises

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Manythings Listening

Listening and Speaking Pages

Focus English:  Conversation 

Video-based Listening  (Watch and listen to a variety of movie clips and answer questions)


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