Vocabulary Pages

Word Count    You can find how common or frequent any word is with this program


Cloze Creator     You can make a cloze test for yourself from any inserted text to practice

your vocabulary and/or grammar


General Knowledge Quiz     Check your knowledge of the world in English


Vocabulary Exercises for the Academic Wordlist    For AP3 + students


Self-Study English Vocabulary Quizzes   Many different topics and levels


Anki    Make your own flashcards and study online


Vocabulary Levels Tests     Check your vocabulary knowledge


Oxford 3000   The most frequent words in lists with definitions


The Academic Word List    The academic words you will need in 11 lists


The 2000 Most Common English Words  (with definitions, sentences, examples)


The First 1000 Words  (A great website to practice spelling and knowing these words)


The General Service List  ( A list of the most common 2,285 English words, with definitions and sentence examples)


English Vocabulary Word Lists   (Try the spelling game in these activities)


Academic Word List (Whole List)  Practice


Spelling Pages

ESL Desk Spelling    (This is a fantastic website to practice your spelling;  try the 1000 most common words with listening only).


And more …


Wordsmyth         (a great online dictionary)

Picture Dictionary Online

Free ESL Flashcards

More Flashcards   (in PDF)

Make your own flashcards

English Grammar & Vocabulary Practice

The Rules of English Spelling

Spelling Rules

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