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How the gameplay went according to my expectations: For NHL 18, the gameplay went how I expected it to be but with the needed improvements over NHL 17. In Assassins Creed, I had some hope in my expectations that I would be able to finally pass a difficult level but that did not happen.

Duration of my gameplay:  Roughly four hours (three playing NHL 18, an hour with Assassins Creed)

Title of the game(s): NHL 18, Assassins Creed Black Flag

Platform: Xbox One

If any other members of the gaming community took part: In NHL 18, I took part in a few online versus where I played against other users located globally. My brother and I also played a number of games against each other.


Welcome to BoScorvat’s gaming blog! To start this week’s entry I am going to discuss why I chose the games I did play during this last week  and how the title came into my gaming world. Additionally, I will explain my reaction to the game in the moment and if I had any thoughts afterwards. Finally, I will discuss what I have learned about my own gaming habits.

With the release of NHL 18 earlier this month, playing this latest edition has consumed much of my gameplay time. Being a huge hockey/(unfortunately) Canucks fan, I got into the NHL series really early. My first copy of EA Sports’s NHL series came in 2005 when I played it on my parents desktop computer, but it wasn’t until NHL 2009 on the Playstation 2 till I got my first taste of console gaming. Since then, I have played every edition of NHL that is released by EA Sports.

As for Assassins Creed Black Flag there has been a certain level that I have been trying to get past for weeks, each time not making it much further than the last. I stumbled upon Black Flag when it was free sometime ago with my Xbox Live Gold subscription. I had heard lots good things about the series and seen a few gameplay videos online that caught my interest.

Being a new release, NHL 18 had some new gameplay features and in-game improvements that made me excited for its release. My biggest, and most positive, reaction came from the new mode called “NHL Threes”. This mode allowed you let you build your own team and compete 3-on-3 with them on different “circuits” of North America, while collecting items to improve your team. Being an arcade style of hockey, it lets you really get creative with new (and unlockable) dekes and allows for end to end action. After playing for a number of hours this past week, I was left feeling that there is a mode for every type of gamer. Quick games for the casual fan, Franchise for the wanna-be General Manager, and Hockey Ultimate Team for the series die-hard.

In Assassins Creed, my reaction in moment was one of frustration as I continually attempted to defeat a large enemy ship to allow me to continue the story mode. Following my gameplay, I continually think of ways or search for tips that would allow me to sink the ship on my way to completing the game.

Although my immediate family calls me a gamer, I much consider myself a casual gamer. When I get a game, a large majority of my free time is spent grinding out the levels or free-playing. But there are other times I can go weeks without turning on my console and playing them. When I start to do poorly in games or can not get past a certain point I do ‘ease up on the rules’ to let myself have a “greater degree of latitude than the official rules permit” (Caillois, “Caillois_DefinitionOfPlay.”).

In terms of genres of games I generally play, it is quite wide. As described in The Definition of Play and Classification of Games, the classification of games is not needed “since they all respond to the same needs and reflect…the same psychological attitude” (Caillois, “Caillois_DefinitionOfPlay.”). I think that being an on and off again gamer allows my habits of play to be comparable to what is described as free, uncertain, unproductive, and governed by rules (Suits, “Suits_Construction.”).


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  1. Hi BoScorvat,

    This is a pretty good gamePlay blog post. I like your level of detail relating to the gameplay itself. As I mentioned in my comment on your methodology post, however, I’d like to see more personal response where you reflect on how the game affected your mood or attitude. See what you can do in the future in this regard.


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