Blog Post for Week Five

How the gameplay went according to my expectations: In Star Wars Battlefront II, I didn’t have any expectations going in since this was the first time I was playing the game. As for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, my gameplay went according to expectations since my kill to death ratio was above 500.  

Duration of my gameplay:  Roughly four hours (three playing Star Wars Battlefront II, one hour playing Call of Duty)

Title of the game(s): Star Wars Battlefront II (Beta), Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Platform: Xbox One

If any other members of the gaming community took part: All of my gameplay this week took place online playing with and against other players.


Where has the time gone? This is week five’s entry of BoScorvat’s gaming blog! To start this week’s entry I am going to discuss why I chose the games I did play during this last week and how the titles came into my gaming world. Additionally, I will explain my reaction to the game in the moment and if I had any thoughts afterwards. I will also describe how gaming has affected me –before, during and after I played. Finally, I will discuss what I have learned about my own gaming habits.


With my pre-order of Star Wars Battlefront II, I received a unique code that would let download the beta a couple days before it opened to the public. Since I had access to this beta, and was looking forward to it, that is why I chose to play it during this week. Because I have enjoyed the previous three games, I knew that I would be pre-ordering this one.


I played a few games of Team Deathmatch in Call of Duty: Black Ops III because the game was already in my system and I also hadn’t played played a round in a while. The franchise came into my game library since my brother gets the new Call of Duty game every year. Even though it’s not technically my game, every once and awhile I like to play a round or two of it.


For Star Wars Battlefront II, my reaction in the moment was one of surprise. Since this was my first taste of this game, the upgrades from the previous game were welcomed. After I finished playing the first time, my thoughts were that the upgraded pre-game and in-game menus and a few different multiplayer modes made the game easier to navigate.


In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, my in-game reaction was initially one of irritation since I usually did better than how I was playing at the time. A change of maps and teammates allowed me to play how I usually do and let me enjoy the game. When I had finished playing, my thoughts, from when I had played last, remained the same on why the in-game jetpack accessory was totally unnecessary.


This weeks gaming was actually used as a distraction from other things I needed to do around my house. Since I this was the first time I was playing Star Wars Battlefront II Beta and first time in awhile that I have played a couple rounds of Call of Duty: Black Ops III, I was looking forward to playing. During gameplay, having the ability to step into the Star Wars universe with new characters, movie tie-ins, and improvements over previous games and chasing enemies on one of Call of Duty’s extensive maps was exhilarating. When I finished playing both games, I had a feeling of satisfaction that the gameplay went well and I kept up with the other players.


One of the habits of my gaming is that many of the titles of I play have a story arc. Since most are from movies or books, and it bothers me when the story is altered.  That is why I fully agree Jenkins when says “divergence from a story’s path is likely to make for a less satisfying story” (“Game Design as Narrative Architecture.”). Further, Jenkins says “restricting a player’s freedom of action is likely to make for a less satisfying game” (“Game Design as Narrative Architecture.”). This is especially true for someone like myself who knows many story arcs and buys the games because of this.


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