Blog Post for Week Eleven

How the gameplay went according to my expectations: Coming into Star Wars Battlefront II this week I had some high expectations since I enjoyed playing the beta so much and was looking forward to it.

Duration of my gameplay: Roughly six hours playing Star Wars Battlefront II

Title of the game(s): Star Wars Battlefront II

Platform: Xbox One

If any other members of the gaming community took part: This week’s gameplay was a combination of online and solo play.

Welcome to week eleven of BoScorvat’s gaming blog! To start this week’s entry I am going to discuss why I chose the game that I played during this last week and how the title came into my gaming world. Additionally, I will explain my reaction to the game in the moment and if I had any thoughts afterwards. I will also describe how gaming has affected me before, during and after I played. Finally, I will discuss what I have learned about my own gaming habits.

Star Wars Battlefront II was just released this past Friday, and since has been the only game I play. My first time playing the series came in 2004 when the first game in the original series was released, Star Wars: Battlefront. Since playing this original game, I have enjoyed playing all of the Battlefront games by EA and LucasArts.

In Star Wars Battlefront II, my reaction in the moment was one of excitement as I finally was able to play the full game rather than what I was limited to in the beta. After I had finished playing, my thoughts were ones of relief that Star Wars Battlefront II went though the needed upgrades from Star Wars Battlefront to allow me to enjoy the game so much more.

Since Star Wars Battlefront II was a new release, I was really looking forward to playing the new single player campaign since it was not a part of the beta. Before I played Battlefront II this week, I was feeling excited to finally play the full game. During gameplay, I was filled with adrenaline as I battled the Rebellion as Iden Versio. When I finished playing, which was after quite some time, I was impressed with the new campaign mode and improved multiplayer modes.

Looking into my gaming habits, I wouldn’t say that the violent video games I play translate in any way into violent behaviour. Schulzke says that violent video games “train players in the skills needed to harm others, that they degrade players’ capacity for empathy, and that they directly encourage antisocial behavior” (“Schulzke-Defending-moralit.pdf”). Although I have played many games that include gameplay that might promote a lack of empathy towards others or train to you to become an assassin, in the end they are just a fantasy world with, mostly, fictional characters.


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