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November 2013

Reflections of a Novice: Educational Developers Caucus Institute, October 28-30, 2013

Last month, I had the privilege of attending the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) Institute at the University of British Columbia in sunny Vancouver.  Yes, it was sunny in Vancouver.  The institute was facilitated by Ruth Rodgers and Alice Cassidy, two… Continue Reading →

Course Outlines – boring or inspired?

Difficult and oftentimes tedious to create, linear in content and layout, something students review with the instructor on the first day of class…as they struggle to stifle bored yawns, and then toss or lose. According to Liesel Knaack (I will… Continue Reading →

EDUCAUSE 2013 Conference

  A couple of us attended the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference held this year in Anaheim, California from October 15-18.  The conference program is derived from member-driven content organized across six overarching IT domains including: Data/Information Access and Management; Enterprise and Infrastructure;… Continue Reading →

Join other B.C. Nursing Educators for a webinar on Developing a Scholarly Project in Nursing

InspireNet Nurse Educators’ Scholarship Team Webinar Journey to Develop a Research Project November 25 3:30-4:30pm Presenters: Members of Collegial Relationships Research Team ►Sessions are recorded and archived on their team’s eCoP. Interested in attending via webinar or reviewing the recording? Three… Continue Reading →

Have you used InspireNet to network with other B.C. nurses or Nursing Educators?

There is a good article on online professional networking for B.C. Nurses in InspireNet in the recent proceedings of Use of Social Media and Web 2.0 Technologies to Increase Knowledge and Skills of British Columbia Nurses Health professionals’ use of… Continue Reading →

Strategies for doing conference reviews and reflections

  Attending a conference is a great opportunity to learn and interact with like minded colleagues from around the world.  Conferences can also be exhausting and overwhelming as the program is often fast and furious and you interact with many… Continue Reading →

What does blended learning look like?

I always find it interesting to hear people’s reactions when the topic of  “blended learning” comes up.  As soon as these words hang in the air you can see the different thoughts whirling around.  Some will stare off in the distance thinking of… Continue Reading →

Why am I blogging…?

Why am I blogging…?! I have a love of learning and am attracted to smart people, so when the opportunity to blog was presented to me by the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning at Vancouver Island University,  I… Continue Reading →

A Memo from the Faculty PLNNet future

The Faculty PLNNet project was introduced via a concept outline in the previous post. Here is another way to think about it, as a “memo from the future” to new faculty several years from now when we are past the… Continue Reading →

Once upon a time…

A couple of  years ago, I attended a teaching and learning session with Liesel Knaack Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning…and learn I did! It was a great session, and thus began my relationship with Liesel and her… Continue Reading →

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