4441155157_d10e8d7b21A couple of  years ago, I attended a teaching and learning session with Liesel Knaack Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning…and learn I did! It was a great session, and thus began my relationship with Liesel and her terrific team—they support my teaching and learning enormously.

Hi! my name is Micki McCartney. I have a Masters degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC. Working under the umbrella of Student Affairs/Campus Career Centre, at Vancouver Island University I serve the Recreation and Tourism (We have the Best students!) programs as a Co-operative Education Instructor/Coordinator. My work is that of teaching, and coaching, and guiding our students in these programs both in my courses and throughout their co-op work terms. I am passionate about people, and helping in any way I can to encourage (students) folks to follow their hearts, and find meaningful work. Experiential education is my gig, and I love my job!

Blogging regularly will be one part professional development for me, and an opportunity to share ideas, issues, topics and my own learning within my area of expertise with my colleagues and hopefully build my network.  I believe reflection and writing lend themselves to deeper learning. My intention for participating in the Scholarly Weblogs is to create a network of like-minded folks, and as I’ve mentioned above stretch myself; share what I’m thinking, to learn, and get some feedback. Further, to utilize my innate creativity through Blogging, and to take risks—

To quote one of my favourite rock stars:

“It’s stasis that kills you off in the end, not ambition.” Bono

I’ll be putting myself “out there” with one tap of a button… ah I’m not that brave I will be in good company, as many of my colleagues will join me in this activity, whew!