book_heart_blueWhy am I blogging…?!

I have a love of learning and am attracted to smart people, so when the opportunity to blog was presented to me by the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning at Vancouver Island University,  I thought, “why not…?”

Then it hit me, “I can’t write well enough to put my writing out to the world, and I don’t know enough about a topic to make me an expert in one thing!”.

Then a smart person (I work with many) told me “write what you’re passionate about”.

I’m passionate about experiential education and the trans formative power of experiential learning.  I’m passionate about student development and people realizing their potential by engaging in real-world learning.

Hello, I’m Lynda Robinson, and I spend my days at Vancouver Island University, working within Student Affairs, and specifically at the Campus Career Centre. I am an Instructor and Co-operative Education Coordinator supporting the Hospitality Management program.

My work involves helping students uncover and realize how amazing they are, through the lens of co-operative/experiential education.

I’m interested in connecting with others who share similar work,  creating and debating innovative and interesting ideas, and then developing good ideas into action.

I enter the blogging world with a warm heart, open eyes and a willingness to learn.