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March 2015

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Bernie Krynowsky shares his guiding principles for effective teaching and engaging students

Bernie Krynowsky from Education discusses how wisdom, passion, and caring shape his approach to teaching. Bernie discusses his strategies for keeping students engaged in the classroom through a variety of means and techniques. Bernie discusses his philosophy on being a… Continue Reading →

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Gail Krivel-Zacks on concept mapping and designing meaningful case studies

Gail Krivel-Zacks from Education talks about using concept mapping to help students organize information with complex relationships and to help students demonstrate learning over time. Gail discusses a process by which she had students create relevant case studies for other… Continue Reading →

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Heather Pastro on engaging students, establishing trust and building confidence

Heather Pastro from Education discusses her methods for working with students who are at very different levels in the subject matter. Heather discusses the methods she uses to build trust with her students so that they can excel in class…. Continue Reading →

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Alan Gilchrist on coordinating group work and using problem based learning

Alan Gilchrist from Geography shares his strategies for organizing successful group work. In this video Alan shares his strategies for implementing problem-based learning

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Greg Bush on creating authentic learning experiences

Greg Bush from Music discusses his LITE Grant project in which he invited a composer to his Jazz Ensemble class to create custom-designed music written just for them.

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Jessie Key on creating video lab tutorials

Jessie Key from Chemistry discusses his use of video tutorials for lectures and labs.

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Eric Demers on hands on experience, conservation research and student skills development

Eric Demers and students from Biology discuss their experiences learning to bird band at VIU.

Teaching Excellence Video Series: Louis Mattar on getting to know students, gathering feedback and flipping the classroom

Louis Mattar from Sport, Health & Physical Education shares his strategies for getting to know students, gathering feedback and flipping the classroom.

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