GUEST: Vancouver Island Team-Based Learning Institute

August 2017 Vancouver Island Team-Based Learning Institute

The Vancouver Island Team-Based Learning Institute, hosted at Vancouver Island University, is an opportunity for teachers in post-secondary education to (re)design and (re)construct one of their courses using the Team-Based Learning (TBL) model developed by organizational psychologist Larry K. Michaelsen. The TBL design strategy proposes a set of specific instructional protocols and practices that actively promote student ownership of their learning, as well as a sense of responsibility to the community that is created in the classroom. By the end of this Institute participants will have made visible progress toward redesigning a course using the TBL framework, and will be ready to redesign and deliver any future course using TBL. To learn more please visit our web page on the TBL Method.

The TBL Institute will be facilitated by veteran users of and trainers of faculty using the TBL method, Tine Reimers, Bill Roberson, and Marilyn Funk, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialists for VIU’s Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning.

A limited number of seats are available for guests (i.e., higher education teachers not currently on the faculty or teaching staff of Vancouver Island University). Guest fees are $375 (CAD), which cover the two-day workshop (8:30 AM – 3:30 PM), a light breakfast + lunch for the two workshop days, consultations and feedback on course design by veteran TBL practitioners, and a copy of Getting Started with Team-Based Learning (Sibley, Ostafichuk, Roberson and Franchini).

Registration open until Institute is full:

The format for this event is a a two-day intensive, face-to-face learning session, with one additional day of independent work for individual course design and development.

Schedule of the events

  • Before August 15: complete a selection of readings, which will be distributed electronically
  • August 15: Day One, face-to-face workshop: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
  • August 16: Independent work (3-4 hours) to begin designing a course using TBL (at a location of your own choosing)
  • August 17: Day Two, face-to-face workshop: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Once we receive your request to participate and your registration information, we will follow up with you if we have questions, and to take care of administrative details, such as payment of fees. If you require accommodations for staying in Nanaimo during the workshop, check out this page with a list of hotels that are convenient to campus, as well as to ferries and seaplanes arriving from the city of Vancouver. Meanwhile, if you have questions about travel or administrative details, please contact Stephanie Didsbury at or at (250) 740-6167. If you have questions about the application process, or about the program, itself, please contact Bill Roberson at

What will happen in the TBL Institute?

Guest participants will…

  1. Complete a reading assignment in advance of the first meeting of the 2-Day workshop
  2. Experience a live TBL classroom. Day One of the Institute simulates the student experience in a TBL course
  3. Design and begin planning a course based on the use of TBL protocols and practices
  4. Experience and analyze examples of TBL-type classroom activities
  5. Practice designing TBL-type classroom activities
  6. Learn tools for and techniques for managing a TBL course
  7. Re-design a course outline (syllabus) for a TBL course, including appropriate policies and grading schemes. Day Two of the Institute focuses on whole-course design within the TBL framework
  8. Receive feedback on the new design and course outline
  9. Receive feedback on TBL teaching plans
  10. Participate electronically in post-Institute follow-up conversations with colleagues

REGISTRATION open until Institute is full:

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