This page outlines details about Aligning, Assigning and Redesigning: Effective Course Assessment for Student Learning – Course Redesign Workshop Intensive May 15-17, 2017.

A limited number of seats are available for guests (i.e. higher education teachers not currently on the faculty and staff of Vancouver Island University). Guest fees are $375 (CAD) + taxes which cover a three day workshop (8:30 – 3:30 pm) including a light breakfast and lunch, consultations and resources. Upon receipt of your completion of this form below, we’ll be in touch with you regarding payment (via credit card).

Facilitators: Kathleen Bortolin, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist and Stephanie Boychuk, Learning Technologies Support Specialist, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning.

REGISTER by May 10:

Course Redesign Workshop Overview

This workshop is an opportunity for instructors to review, enhance and (re)construct one of their courses. Working alongside their peers, instructors engage in activities that highlight essential course design principles and then apply those ideas to an upcoming course. This course redesign program is focused on meaningful assessment and evaluation and pays close attention to designing summative assessment tools that align with course learning outcomes. By the end of the workshop, instructors redesign the basic structure of their course including assignments, assessment tools, and course outline. They will also have the opportunity to share feedback and ideas about teaching and be inspired with new ideas from their peers.

Learning Outcomes – By the end of this workshop, instructors will be able to:
• Write clear and measurable learning outcomes for their course
• Develop/Enhance summative assessment activities that are aligned with learning outcomes
• Create/Enhance rubrics/grading tools that clearly outline criteria for student learning
• Design/Enhance formative assessment strategies for obtaining frequent student feedback on learning

Once we receive your request to participate and your registration information, we will follow up with you if we have questions, and to take care of administrative details, such as payment of fees. If you require accommodations for staying in Nanaimo during the workshop, check out this page with a list of hotels that are convenient to campus, as well as to ferries and seaplanes arriving from the city of Vancouver. Meanwhile, if you have questions about travel or administrative details, please contact Stephanie Didsbury at or at (250) 740-6167.

Schedule and Time Commitment

  • Before May 14: Preparation (self-paced, all online, 3-5 hours total)
  • Monday, May 15: Day One of Workshop Institute, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM (7 hours + 1-2 hours homework)
  • Tuesday, May 16: Day Two of Workshop Institute, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM (7 hours + 1-2 hours homework)
  • Wednesday, May 17: Day Three of Workshop Institute, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM (7 hours)


1. Preparation: It will be essential for instructors to complete some readings and preparation activities in order to fully experience and gain key insights into the work of the Workshop.  Before May 14, independently completing online readings/videos, sharing responses etc. This will take approximately 3-5 hours you can schedule to do on your own.

2. Workshop: A three-day intensive, face-to-face learning session. During these days, instructors will engage in a variety of activities that structure and inform the course design process. We will look at crafting effective learning outcomes, creating meaningful assignments that align with those learning outcomes and making assessment tools (grading tools, rubrics, etc.) for those assignments. It is expected that you will be able to have full attendance at the Workshop Days (Monday, May 15 to Wednesday May 17).  Approx. 21 hours. In addition, you will be expected to work on a substantial assignment which takes the form of redesigning/enhancing some of your summative assessment pieces (assignments, tests, projects, quizzes) and some formative assessment pieces (informal ways of giving feedback to students). Possibly a couple of hours of homework each night (May 15 and May 16). Outline for three-day workshop:

  • Day 1: Writing learning outcomes; aligning outcomes with assignments and activities; designing assignments
  • Day 2: Designing assignments, designing assessment tools (rubrics, grading tools etc.); assessment and group assignments, self-assessment, assessing participation
  • Day 3: Give and receive feedback on your course redesign work. Designing assessment tools, formative assessment, revamping the course outline

If you have any questions, please contact