How Does Where We Live Impact How We Live?

Join us for a Gallery Walk to find out!

The Dover Bay Learns team is once again bringing all 253 of their grade 8’s to VIU’s Nanaimo campus to share their learning from an interdisciplinary unit focusing on Canadian Indigenous communities on Tuesday, January 22nd from 10:40 AM to 11:40 AM in the cafeteria.

This an excellent opportunity for our campus community to  gain insights into how new curriculum is being delivered to secondary students.

The Dover Bay students are working with the Faculty of Education’s cohort of student teachers in the secondary education stream, who will be hosting the event. The Grade 8’s have been exploring the question: How does where we live impact how we live?

In order to find answers to that question, they have been looking at different First Nations across Canada, and examining the relationship between place and ways of living. The Grade 8’s will participate in a gallery walk presentation of the mind maps that they have created to demonstrate their new understanding across disciplines. The student teachers from VIU who were part of the embedded program at Dover played a significant role in teaching this cross-curricular unit to our students, and this is their chance to see the outcome of their labours.

This is a great opportunity to see the new curriculum in action with local students. The Grade 8’s will begin their visit with a tour/scavenger hunt of the campus, and would be delighted to share their mind maps with all of us in the cafeteria from 10:40 AM to 11:40 AM.

The event was extremely popular last year, and we hope it will be just as successful this year.

There is no need to register – we look forward to seeing you there.