There have been some exciting updates to our learning technologies this summer. Keep reading to learn about three new tools available right now. 

VIUTube Express Capture 

In addition to the new Kaltura Capture tool which replaced CaptureSpace this summer, there is also a new quick webcam capture tool built in to VIUTube called Express Capture. 

Express Capture allows you to capture your webcam and microphone from your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser without installing any software on your computer. Express Capture is a great option for capturing quick videos such as video feedback for assignments. Learn more about Express Capture here. 

 At this time, Express Capture is not available on Safari. Mac users will need to install Google Chrome or another supported browser in order to use this new tool. 

VIULearn Assignment Annotation 

D2L is continuing to work on improving their assessment tools in 2019. This summer we added an exciting new feature to the Assignment tool: Annotations. 

With the new Annotations feature, instructors can now add feedback directly on learners’ submissions within VIULearn. The annotation options available include comments, highlighting, and drawing tools. You can see the new features in action in this video from D2L

VIUTube Hotspots

Hotspots add a new way to make videos interactive in VIUTube by allowing you to add clickable links within your video to direct viewers to external websites or specific points within the video. Hotspots are available as part of the video editor.  Learn more about creating Hotspots on your videos from Kaltura’s support website. 


The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning is happy to help you with using the learning technologies at VIU. We have a number of support resources available on our website. You can also send questions or request a one on one consultation by emailing or calling 250-740-6179.