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Tamara Cameron

How to compress images in PowerPoint when it seems like things are getting sluggish.

If it seems like your PowerPoint files have gotten very heavy & extremely slow to publish, then compressing the images might help. An image can really add up the memory usage fast. There is a function in PowerPoint that can… Continue Reading →

Guide on the Side: Flipping the Classroom

A teacher’s value is not in the information stored in their head, but rather their ability to pull together the best learning resources to produce a desired outcome.  The modern teacher is (or should be) more an aggregator of resources… Continue Reading →

Have you tried a “week zero” in your D2L course?

When teaching an online  or web-enhanced course, how do you make essential course information stand out from all the rest of the course content? The first week in an online environment can be overwhelming. In addition to encountering Desire2Learn, students… Continue Reading →

How educators are using free videos to flip their classroom

The flipped classroom method has students watch short videos of concepts at home and come to class the next day prepared with questions, and sometimes having completed a post-video quiz. This method can grab students’ attention and give class time… Continue Reading →

D2L Email: Tracking Recipient Activity

Email: Tracking Recipient Activity To enable your D2L Email to track when recipients open your email messages, follow these steps: From inside your D2L Email, select Settings. Select the first checkbox for Track activity for messages sent to internal email… Continue Reading →

New Tools & Resources!

For Mobile Classrooms Readium – with this Chrome extension, it is now possible to read ePubs on a computer. Pixorial – use this a free, web-based video editing platform on any device. It  also has an app and connects to… Continue Reading →

Integrating Online Textbooks within D2L

Online textbook producers for classrooms have created online books that have more than just the printed words from a book on a computer screen. Online textbooks that are used in the classroom come complete with color, pictures, interactive tutorials, and… Continue Reading →

Block Posters

Block Posters is a simple to use site that allows you to take an image and print it out in poster form. Essentially it takes an image and spreads it over as many pages as you want, which can easily… Continue Reading →

Rapid Electronic Essay Grading with Adobe Acrobat Pro

‘Marking’ can be one of the most time-consuming of a university teacher’s responsibilities – and one of the least productive. Do students actually learn from your comments? Or do they go right to the grade and ignore the remarks? Do… Continue Reading →

Easy Importing of Questions into Desire2Learn Quiz Tool

Test-enhanced Learning Increasing Student Success Given recent findings that test-enhanced learning (TEL) improves students’ understanding and retention of material through regular quizzing, (e.g., Lyle & Crawford, 2011; McDaniel, Roediger, & McDermott, 2007; Roediger, Agarwal, McDaniel, & McDermott, 2011) we investigated… Continue Reading →

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