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Micki McCartney

Validation and encouragement to carry on…can be found at a conference!

My colleague Lynda Robinson and I attended The Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment  (CAPLA) in Toronto, Ontario, November 17-19, 2013. CAPLA is a non-profit, membership based organization with a voluntary board of directors, the Chair none other than our… Continue Reading →

Course Outlines – boring or inspired?

Difficult and oftentimes tedious to create, linear in content and layout, something students review with the instructor on the first day of class…as they struggle to stifle bored yawns, and then toss or lose. According to Liesel Knaack (I will… Continue Reading →

Once upon a time…

A couple of  years ago, I attended a teaching and learning session with Liesel Knaack Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning…and learn I did! It was a great session, and thus began my relationship with Liesel and her… Continue Reading →

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