Getting Organized: Choosing the Right Tool

Too much information.  Information overload.  We’ve all experienced this in one form or another.  I nervously log into my current course in the OLTD program, hoping that the number of unread discussion posts hasn’t exceeded 20.  My email isn’t much better…it is so easy to lose those emails that worked their way off the screen under the avalanche of messages that come in one day.  Trying to follow a Twitter chat – are you kidding?

So what to do?  I’ve recently been introduced (or re-introduced) to some wonderful organizational tools available via the internet.  Tools that I’ve explored include Hootsuite, Diigo, gmail, and Skype.  My favourite of the group is Hootsuite; I think using this program will help me be more successful in actually keeping up with the Twitter chats.  Hootsuite allows the user to link to various social media programs such as Twitter and Facebook.  I think I would find the Twitter links the most useful for me, as I can filter specific people in the conversation I would like to follow.  In this way, I can be part of a continuous conversation.

I have only used Diigo once.  I have to admit that I actually created an account some time ago, used it to mark up one reference paper, and then promptly forgot that I had actually used it!  Kind of like forgetting where you hid that last Christmas present.  When I logged back in (after having to search for my login information), I was reminded of why I created the account in the first place.  It is a very handy tool for keeping track of the parts you thought were important in a document.  I could envision using this tool in a classroom for group projects or for upper level students organizational skills in research.  Now I just need one tool to help me organize (or find) all the other tools that I use!

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