The Wonderful Sharing Of Our Cohort

This week, as I begin to form my final summary for OLTD 505, I looked back at the resources our cohort has shared over the past five weeks.  In particular, I was interested in the visual shares, videos that I hadn’t had time to watch, or ones that I wanted to watch again and again.  I was having a hard time remembering where I saw a particular post, so I decided to collect as many as I could in Padlet.  I have also been overwhelmed (but very interested) in the variety of tools my classmates were using for their posts.  I have tried to collect as many of my favourites as possible, but everyday someone seems to find yet another tool that I want to try!  I do see some limitations in using Padlet; as the number of links grow so does the size of my wall, and I think I will once again find myself getting lost.  I think perhaps separate walls for each topic might be in order.

What was confirmed for me when looking back through the blogs and G+ posts is that we are an amazingly supportive group of people.  Thoughts and ideas are respected and celebrated, and people are quick to jump in when someone needs just a little boost to get them through the week.  Sharing is not an issue with our group; one question can grow into a garden of helpful responses on how-to, where-to, etc.  Many of our group have already taken the leap of sharing to the global community and showed us that it can be done (and that our work is amazing to others!)  I am very thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of educators!

[padlet key=’psbnujmfipur’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

For anyone unfamiliar with Padlet, to view any of the documents on the wall simply click on the tile.  You can go to the larger version by scrolling down the window and clicking on ‘Source’.  This will take you to the original URL.

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