Lesson Plan Critique and Re-design

Evidence: Lesson Plan Critique and Re-design (Dec. 9, 2013)

Critique of a Chemistry 067 (Grade 12) solubility lesson plan using the principles outlined in the Universal Design for Learning

OLTD Learning Outcome addressed: Develop and design intentional learning activities suitable for the learning environment and the learner

    • Incorporation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles; and
    • Selection of strategies and resources appropriate for the learning environment, learners, and learning outcomes.

Reflection to Support Evidence:

Although I consider myself a careful planner when it comes to creating a lesson, I have never really examined my lessons using principles of any learning theory. After being introduced to both Understanding by Design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), I was drawn to the principles of UDL. I appreciated the basic principle behind this design; that everything I do in the classroom should be considered from the perspective of increasing access to learning. This includes multiple means of representation, action, expression and engagement. Considering one lesson plan in light of these principles made me realize that I could create much richer learning experiences for my students. For example, the example lesson plan addressed mainly one type of learner, text-based, but did not provide opportunities for other learning styles.   I believe the evidence I have chosen to support the OLTD 502 learning outcomes illustrates that I have learned how to re-evaluate my approach to teaching and can, with careful consideration, choose strategies and resources that better suit a wide range of learners and learning styles.

Learning how to develop and design intentional learning activities that suit many different learning environments and learners is an important skill for any educator. As I move into an online or blended environment, I will have an increased number of multimedia resources to choose from to enhance my teaching practice. Being able to choose learning activities that suit my student population, and being flexible in how my students show me what they have learned, will go a long way towards creating a rich learning environment. Moving forward, I would like to apply the UDL principles to other lesson plans, particularly for topics where I know students struggle, to see how I can better support their success.


Lesson Plan Critique and Redesign

Solubility lesson plan before redesign

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