Script Writing and Narration (“e-Learning Sucks”)

Evidence: Topic 2 Learning Activity: Script writing and narration of “eLearning Sucks” slidedeck presentation (see below for a link to this evidence) (Sept. 20, 2013)

OLTD Outcome addressed: Select strategies and resources appropriate for environment, learners and learning outcomes

Reflection to Support Evidence:

The narration project addressed the learning outcome in two different ways.  Creation of a narration introduced me to a learning strategy that I had not previously been exposed to.  I had to learn a new skill of recording my voice, along with practicing speaking slowly and clearly, something I often have to remind myself to do in the classroom.  I began to think about how this learning strategy could be applied in my own classroom, perhaps as a project or a review activity.   This strategy would allow for all different levels of learners and styles of learning, such as auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  Creating a narration tends toward a constructivist school of learning, as the interpretation of the slideshow relies on the students own perspectives and connection to their reality, allows them to personalize the meaning and is active learning.

The second way the narration project addressed the learning outcome is through the content of the slideshow.  The first 14 slides identified lecture as a poor choice for learning.  While preparing the narration, I spent some time investigating different learning styles and attention spans of the average adult.  Having a better understanding of how learners learn will help me make better choices in the strategies and resources I use in my instruction.  In addition, my research opened my eyes to other strategies that I have not used in my teaching such as gaming, discussion groups (locally and globally), blog posts, or WordArt.

This learning outcome is important as it is easy to fall into a rhythm of teaching that, while comfortable, does not always address the needs of the students.  Learning happens in different ways and at different rates, and instructors need to be able to provide learning strategies that address learning styles across the spectrum.  Successfully selecting appropriate learning strategies and resources that engage the learner while meeting learning outcomes is a skill that any instructor, including online, should strengthen.  I will continue to explore different ways of learning for both my face-to-face classroom as well as the online environment.




E-Learning Sucks Script (Slides 1-14)

Audio file for Slides 1-14 “E-learning Sucks”


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