Investigating Open Educational Resources

Evidence: Blog Post – Investigating OER: LabSpace (May 17, 2014)

OLTD 505 Learning Outcome addressed: Identify, critically assess, and evaluate existing OERs, OER platforms, and repositories


Reflection to Support Evidence:

My blog post critiquing LabSpace, an Open Educational Resource (OER) based in the United Kingdom, specifically addresses the learning outcome of critically assessing an existing OER. I had never explored open educational resources, and was amazed at the abundance of resources that were available free to use. However, as the learning outcome suggests, looking critically at a resource is important to assess whether or not it will be of use to you in the classroom. All open educational resources are not created equally, and considering the user (students) when deciding which resource to use is important. Following a set of guidelines when critically assessing made me aware of some areas I had never before considered, for example, accessibility of the resource to all students.

The way people access information and learn has changed significantly since the introduction of the internet. As an online educator, I need to be aware of what resources are available, not only to me to use in the classroom, but also to my students as support for their learning. I am very interested in the OER approach to textbooks, and would like to explore my options with free resources in this area. I plan on reviewing more of the OERs that were critiqued by my fellow classmates, and investigate how I can use these resources going forward.

Investigating OERs: LabSpace (Blog post)

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