Building an Online Lesson Using Cloud Tools

Evidence: Online lesson hosted in VIULearn designed for Adult Fundamental Math (introduction to graphs) (Dec 8, 2014)

OLTD 507 Learning Outcome addressed: Develop an online unit or lesson using cloud tools effectively


Reflection to Support Evidence:

For the final assignment in OLTD 507, I created an introductory graphing lesson aimed towards adult literacy math learners. This lesson was housed in VIULearn, and includes content as html pages in the website as well as activities designed around various cloud tools. Since VIULearn is password protected, I created a screen capture highlighting some of the activities within my lesson.

Prior to creating a lesson, we were introduced to 3 different course design styles; Project based learning, Flipped classroom, and the traditional delivery model. My teaching style and the course I chose to create a lesson for worked best with the traditional delivery model. This model provides a hook, instruction on the concept and then time for the students to demonstrate their learning. The lesson needed to include evidence of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, and use a minimum of two different cloud tools, discussion, and an assignment with a rubric or assessment criteria. When creating the lesson, I revisited the idea of Backward Design, and determined what it was I wanted my students to be able to understand by the end of the lesson and how they would demonstrate this learning. This helped guide my choices of learning activities and cloud tools for my lesson. While I have been working towards a blended learning environment for my students, after completing this lesson build I realize that I need to re-evaluate some of my lessons to ensure they are easy to follow, support many different learning styles and meet universal accessibility guidelines.

While some content may come prepackaged, many online educators create their own lessons or customize existing ones to suit their own teaching style. Being able to create online units or lessons that include effective use of cloud tools is an important skill for educators. It is always important to create clear, easy to follow lessons but if you are operating in an online environment (without the advantage of face-to-face) it is even more critical. A well-crafted online lesson starts by having a clear idea of what you want your students to know and how they will show you. Knowing this can help guide your choice of cloud tools that will meet your objectives.


Evidence link:

Video tour of introduction to graphing unit (adult literacy math) (housed in VIUTube)


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