Barriers to Implementing Emerging Technology

Barriers to Implementing Emerging Technology

Universal access

a) Schools cannot always afford to provide each student with a digital device, nor can each student or family afford to purchase one.

Possible solution: Schools could purchase class sets of basic devices such as tablets. In this way all students would be using the same technology; this may reduce time spent trouble-shooter with various devices.

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b) Not all devices or digital tools allow the same access for all students, especially those with vision, hearing or mobility challenges.

Possible solution: When choosing programs or apps for student use, be sure to consider Universal Design for Learning.

Lack of instructor or student technological knowledge

a) Instructors may not have the necessary background to be able to effectively use the technology with their students.

Possible solution: Provide training in specific technologies for instructors. Provide tech support.

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Encouraging Teacher Technology Use

b) Students may have such a steep learning curve in how to use the technology or the tool that they do not focus on the intended instruction.

Possible solution: Keep the tool choices simple. Provide basic instruction in how to use the tool. Ensure that the focus is always the lesson and not the tool itself.

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Criteria for Choosing Technology

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