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So you want to launch a journal?: PKP 2017 highlights, with notes from my lightning talk plus a few remarks that didn’t fit into four minutes

PKP highlights In early August in Montréal, I attended PKP 2017: “Reclaiming Scholarship: Voice, Rights, Ownership,” my first PKP gathering for reasons that may become clear, but hopefully not my last. It was a truly useful learning and sharing opportunity,… Continue Reading →

Getting faculty work into the IR for Open Access: 1. Backstory and overview of process

Originally published December 13, 2016 at https://libguides.viu.ca/libguides/DanaMcFarland/blog/open-access-through-the-ir-where-we-are-with-recruiting-faculty-work-how-we-got-h This post might be the first of a few, describing our library’s initiative to support faculty in contributing work to the institutional repository, thereby making it openly available. Other libraries are certainly doing similar work,… Continue Reading →

Keeping it ReAL – Research in Academic Libraries #ReAL_16: Reflections on the event

Originally published November 22, 2016 at https://libguides.viu.ca/libguides/DanaMcFarland/blog/keeping-it-real-research-in-academic-libraries-reflections-on-the-event On November 18, 2016 an event to focus on research culture in academic libraries, Keeping it ReAL: Research in Academic Libraries, was held at UBC, sponsored by Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, UBC Library, SFU Library, UVic… Continue Reading →

Notes from Where Next for Repositories? An open national forum sponsored by the CARL in association with COAR

Originally published November 16th, 2016 https://libguides.viu.ca/libguides/DanaMcFarland/blog/notes-from-where-next-for-repositories-an-open-national-forum-sponsored-by-the-ca With a weekend cup of coffee and the night owls of the family slumbering well into the day, with anxious, post-separation dogs settled for the moment, I’m taking a moment to draft a first-ever blog… Continue Reading →

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