Course Assignments

Reflective Journal

Students will keep a journal throughout this course, reflecting on readings, presentations, learning activities, professional experiences, and growth in understanding and practice. At the end of the course, you will have an opportunity to review your journal entries and assignments to synthesize your key learnings.

Collaborative Assignment: For Module Five, you will work in a small group to create an action plan to optimize the meaningful collaboration to support students with learning exceptionalities.

Collaborative Summary of Research and Great Ideas

Based on your reading, each student will contribute to a collaborative document to collate the research and ideas that you think will support students with learning exceptionalities.

Personalized Strategy Booklet

Review required readings, course notes and supplemental literature to find a variety of tools and strategies to support students with learning exceptionalities in literacy and numeracy.

  1. Reflect on your own practice. What do you most need to improve to better support students?
  2. Choose at least five strategies that you think will best allow you to support student learning and explain why.
  3. Identify how you will use/adapt these strategies to support students with learning exceptionalities.

Student Observation and Intervention

Based on class discussions and readings, choose one student to observe, develop a research-based plan for intervention in either literacy or numeracy, and reflect on what you noticed before and after the intervention.

Learning from Classrooms
Possible framework

Go Public

Teachers seldom share their extraordinary work. They should! You will have an opportunity to “go public” with some aspect of your learning (on a small or larger scale) by sharing something you love, something you learned that surprised you, a challenge you took on, ideas or resources you gathered, a lesson sequence you developed. There are many digital platform like blogs, Twitter, Livebinder, Delicious, PechuKucha and more! For examples, go to Go Public! from the Fall 2015 students.