Like I Care (novel). Toronto: Tightrope Books,  2012.

ISBN-10: 1926639537; ISBN-13: 978-1926639536

Like I Care is set in Vancouver an hour or two into the future, when everything is just like it is now, apart from the invasion of monsters from Japanese Horror movies, the frequent earthquakes, and the army of scooter-riding Yé-yé girls taking over the streets. The characters include a couple of families who live in an upscale suburb. Arnold is a struggling real-estate agent who is going through a divorce from Linda, who believes she is Princess Diana. Their daughter, Christiana, is an aspiring model. Lawrence, their neighbour, has retired from his civil service career and is now a consultant who specializes in writing pointless mission statements. He’s plotting an affair with a young woman who belongs to a cannibal cult led by a chef who has created the perfect Canadian cuisine—eating the corrupt. Lawrence’s blended family includes Dorothy, his wife, and her son Thomas, who has dropped out of university and discovered that his true vocation is watching daytime TV. They’re all about to be transformed through the influence of legendary New-Age financier and evangelist of globalization Mitchell Morphus. Thomas becomes his evil twin, Raoul, and joins Morphus in founding a company that markets obsolete trends. Christiana is transformed into a media icon without her knowledge or consent. Arnold also jumps on the Mitchell Morphus bandwagon and finds himself in Taiwan just in time for the invasion. Fear, uncertainty, disinformation: that’s the mantra of the 21st century, and Arnold and his friends are living it to the hilt.


The Work of Mercy (stories). Toronto: Thomas Allen, 2006

ISBN-10: 0887622232; ISBN-13: 978-0887622236

“…nine stories of remarkable intensity…Guppy’s characters are always vivid, familiar and surprisingly unpredictable” Canadian Literature 

Includes “Downwind”, short-listed for the Journey Prize for Fiction, and two stories selected for the Best Canadian Stories anthologies.


The Fire Thief (novel). Toronto: Thomas Allen, 2004

ISBN-10:0887621422; ISBN-13: 978-0887621420

“Guppy’s narrative is conversational and accessible, and he successfully tackles the book’s heavy subjects without being didactic. I got caught up in the narrative and only realized later that he was juggling a love story, a thriller, and a keen political commentary about nuclear power and the self-loathing stewing in the hearts of white middle-class radicals”. The Georgia Straight


Understanding Heaven (poems). Toronto: Wolsak & Wynn, 2002

ISBN-10:0919897797; ISBN-13: 978-0919897793

Short-listed for the Dorothy Livesay Award for Poetry/B.C. Book Prize. Includes poems short-listed for the Scottish International Open Poetry Competition and the Lexicon (UK) Poetry Contest.



Blind Date with the Angel: The Diane Arbus Poems. Victoria: Ekstasis Editions, 1998. 

Blind Date with the Angel is a poetic tribute to the life and work of photographer Diane Arbus. Using language that is often as visceral and stark as the photographer’s famous images, Guppy invites the reader to explore the implications of replicating the human image and the impact of Arbus’ work on her subjects.