5th May, 2015, VIU@Cowichan Campus, Vancouver Island University, Building 700, Room 140 9.30 am to 2.00 pm

Free Admission – All Welcome

Organized by the VIU@Cowichan Innovation Lab and friends

The symposium will present an overview of the various activities, directions and productive partnerships that the Lab has explored over the last year. The symposium will consist of three different panels: “Innovation, Creativity and Building Partnerships,” “The Land: its language, its sounds, and its stories,” “The Many Expressions of Innovation.” It will conclude with an open discussion on the issues that arise out of the various presentations.

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Schedule for the day:

VIU@Cowichan’s Innovation Lab Symposium

Cowichan Campus Theatre (room 140)

May 5th, 2015


9:30-9:45       Coffee

9:45-10:00    Welcome: David Witty

                          Blessing: Harold Joe

10:00-11:00 “Innovation, Creativity and Building Partnerships”

          Panel A: Daniel Burgoyne, Maria Bassett, Trevor Davis, Ray Siemens, Lynne Siemens and Richard J. Lane

          Co-Chairs: David Witty and Richard J. Lane

11:00-12:30  “The Land: its language, its sounds, and its stories”

          Panel A: Paul Watkins and Katelyn Beale

          Panel B: MaryDawn MacWatt, Emily Johnston and Sally Carpentier

          Panel C: MaryDawn MacWatt, Michael Paskevicius, and Sally Carpentier

          Panel D: George Farris, Jay Ruzesky and Sam Van Hell

          Chair: Ian Whitehouse

12:30-1:00  Lunch (served in room 135)

1:00-2:00    “The Many Expressions of Innovation”

          Panel A: George Farris

          Panel B: Marina Hayward and George Farris

  Panel C: Janis Ledwell-Hunt, Cameron Hoffman and Sally Carpentier

          Panel D: Steve Cheung, Abby Geddes, Elizabeth Mayo, and Jonathon Aiello

          Panel E: Eliza Gardiner, Taryn Brebant, Capri Kodric, and Adaline Russell

          Chair: Keith Chicquen

2:00-2:45       Open Discussion

2:45                Closing: Warren Weir