This interactive digital storybook project found its origin in a dream of an Inuit VIU@Cowichan Education student. The author, MaryDawn MacWatt, says, “This has been an amazing project for me, as I get to learn more and more about my culture and language. Originally a dream, the storyline that is being used for this interactive digital storybook holds the important teachings and language of the Inuit culture.” MaryDawn is collaborating with VIU Graphic Artist Emily Johnston, under the direction of VIU faculty, to ensure the accuracy of representation. After the initial stages–writing and illustrating–the interactive digital storybook will advance to its second level: curriculum development for use in elementary education. The aim is to create an open access interactive digital storybook focusing on one of the three linguistic groups of the Inuvialuit people: Uummarmiut.

Emily & MD  Grandfather images

Project Lead: Professor Sally Carpentier

Author: MaryDawn MacWatt

Illustrator: Emily Johnston