The soul doesn't evolve or grow, it cycles and twists, repeats 
and reprises, echoing ancient themes common to all 
human beings. It is always circling home.
– Thomas Moore Original Self

Blog Navigation Tips For Participants:

There is no best way to begin this project. The information and suggestions contained in this platform are meant to stimulate your psyche and open up space for you to start to deep-dive into that which your soul wants to express. The digital story will be your mechanism. This blog is designed with a number of tabs and drop-down menus. *Quick links provided throughout the blog; under each tab/section. Ignore these aids or move to the tab proposed. Other ways you can navigate the blog are:

  • Start reading from the beginning;
  • Read quickly (or at your own pace) and get a feel for the project;
  • Use the Tabs to find the sections you need to understand or review again;
  • Make notes as you move through the blog;
  • Whichever way you go, have fun, explore and take what you will from the offerings to create your unique digital soul story.

Note: The drop-down sections Chronological Overview, Survey of Relevant Literature, Learnings and Reflections, as well as the Bibliography under the first tab, are required to be written after the completion of the CAP.

When telling a story, think about the effect:

The soul project is intended to provide you with a process for reflection and discovery. This is an opportunity to reimagine your life or embrace what it is your soul longs to express. Participating in this project, you elect to do soul work, to eradicate poor habits, to glimpse the soul’s yearning. *See some of how my soul story has been a part of this project in the first tab: Micki McCartney: Relationship to the Creative Action Project. A story, well constructed, feeds our souls. As human beings telling, reading, listening, writing, creating montages allow us to be a part of the fabric of life. Stories with rich narrative evoke feelings of empathy, interest, and invite belonging. We hear stories every day–on the radio, on television, in conversations with one another, in the grocery line-up, in the lyrics of songs, in the books we read and more. Narrative can influence how others, including ourselves, understand the way we see the world. A story can be, and is, a communication tool–to teach, inform et al. Ultimately, recognizing our unique narrative helps us define, live and fulfill our life purposes.

The digital soul story is to be considered a personal narrative. Your soul story is about what is within you which is longing for expression, wants to be experienced, or released. Sometimes our soul wants us to do the work of reimagining our current lives. What is your spirit, insight, intuition, energy, god, or whatever you prefer to call the whispering or the incessant malaise you feel in your soul, telling you? The soul isn’t always cuddly and soft; your day and night dreams can reflect images and reveries in technicolour. Tensions, fear and more can show themselves so that you can begin to know the soul through reflection and thinking about your dreams, not in a literal fashion but in pondering the images and insights. In time, and with the work you will do on your digital story, will come a level of understanding about what is occurring with your soul. What are the narratives that appear as lost opportunities, regrets and even a sense of confusion and inability to manifest whatever it is you want? Is it change, better relationships, education, more music in your life, a place you can call home, quiet, travel? This imagery is the soul at work, with spirit as the helper asserting we do the job required to evolve.

This project was created to provide a means for people to express, explore, and reflect on what it is the soul is asking of them and then to express in narrative what they discover through the digital storyboard format. Habits and beliefs imposed on us in childhood and even unexamined actions feed on that dull ache or sense of dissatisfaction. The soul wants our attention and is constantly nudging us to become conscious. This activity is an opportunity for participants to put together a visual narrative using any medium: prose, music, photography and more, which speaks to their soul and provides clarity. In doing this project the aspiration is that you will make different choices or the same choices, whichever; the process of this project will give you the information you need to live your best life.  As Astrologer Laurence Hillman said in a personal exchange:

“The soul speaks to us in images and fantasies. Often our inner images are disconnected from our current reality. For instance, when we have children, images we hold from our own childhood about parents may be completely obsolete to our current parenting situation. When we reimagine parenting we are doing soul work. If we look closely at some of the imagery we carry within, most of us have plenty of soul work to do. It involves awareness and choice.”

Whatever it is, unique to each, it is my belief we can trust that it is our soul’s yearning, individual to you and wanting expression and imagination to live the life you were meant to have.

Let’s take a minute and think about the art of storytelling. Whether we are reading or listening, fiction and non-fiction stories or those narratives we imagine in our daily lives.

Consider the following suggestions and questions as you begin to think about how you will put your digital story together. These guiding prompts are meant to assist you as you begin to reflect on your soul’s narrative. You might do this as an activity when you know you won’t be disturbed. Have your favourite writing tool with you: computer, pen/pencil and paper, recording device.

♥ Allow your energy, spirit, goddess, wise self, or other to move you where you need to go in your soul’s story;

♥ Trust your process;

♥ Do not judge what is coming to you;

♥ An active process is that of free-flow writing. Do not edit. Allow the conscious, cognitive mind and the unconscious, intuitive mind to flow out onto your paper.


⇒ What are the best narratives you have heard? Or, what images or insights do you hold from experience in life that still affects you, positively or negatively? How do you want to awaken and reimagine these narratives to begin your soul work and through this project, create your own digital soul story?

⇒ Why were they good narratives? Were they told in a story format you could relate to or that you merely enjoyed? Distil the account(s) down to, for example, the way the story flowed while you read or listened to it. Or, did the story provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your own life in some way? Where did your own or another’s experience take you away into your imagination?

⇒ Jot down whatever comes to your mind. Gently connecting where the narrative(s) intersect with what you might already be sensing as your soul careens in the dark of night or sparks a flash of light–something inside you that you might have known, buried, never explored etc.

⇒ The soul speaks in imagery, or for some through reflection, long walks, while doing dishes, gardening, or in my father’s case, while playing baseball. Begin to notice the images or feelings or an awareness you might not have had before. Use this information to connect and reimagine your narrative. Jot down whatever comes through.

⇒ What description or image did you feel alive in, where you felt some personal connection? Were you the character in the narrative, or was your imagination evoked, and your ideas and fantasies began to flow consciousness? What was it you realized that you desired to do, be, have or experience?

Listen. From the Soul. Pay Attention to the Images in Your Life:

⇒ Step away and come back later to what you recorded. Give yourself some time and space for the images and narrative within you to settle. Add or take away whatever you need. You now have a draft outline for your digital soul story.

Connect Your Soul’s Story to the Images you use:

Choose the Method to Create Your Digital Soul Story:

There are many formats to choose from, use the one that feels best to you and will create the outcome that will best demonstrate your soul’s narrative in a digtal story. *Go to the second tab: Framework for Creative Action Plan (CAP) and in the drop-down, you will find a Resources tab.

The following are some options or tools for your consideration:

♦ iPhone
♦ YouTube
♦ iMovie
♦ PowerPoint
♦ Photos
♦ Words and Music

This page provides a general description of what the soul project is and what the creation of a digital story involves. The project is an opportunity to create a digital account of the narrative you have reimagined or perhaps have newly imagined. While this is a highly personal project, an experience you will embark on for yourself, if shared in the open repository *See the second tab in the drop-down is the Consent tab  has the potential to summon the universe to co-create your best life. Through the action project of reimagining your soul work and producing a digital soul story, it is the hope of the architect of the project (me!) you will gain a fuller awareness of your soul’s work, as well your life’s purpose.

Gentle reminder: There is no one way to create a digital soul story. Each participant’s soul story and digital representation will be unique.

Each life is formed by its unique image, an image that is the 
essence of that life and calls it to a destiny. 
As the force of fate, this image acts as a personal daimon, 
an accompanying guide who remembers your calling. – James Hillman

I, Micki Catherine McCartney born in Garden Bay, BC, daughter of William Thomas Crozier and Joan Mildred Mary O’Shea acknowledge and thank the Snuneymuxw, Quw’utsun and Tla’Amin, on whose traditional lands we teach, learn, research, live and share knowledge and where this project was produced and will be disseminated.