A powerful artistic phenomenon that blends the creative passions, technical and performance skills, and innovative minds of four established Vancouver Island artists into an experimental immersive experience.

The fluid abstract imagery of Kevin Mazutinec’s digitally generated organic projections provide a seductive visual score to which Robin Davies, through the use of customized software instruments and live performance, composes a lush ambient soundscape.

Marian van der Zon adds further dimension to the work with an improvised performance featuring the use of acoustic instruments, as well as elaborately layered vocals, orchestrated through the use of loop pedals.

The final element is the spoken word poetry of Justin McGrail which offers the audience the familiar structure of language, yet challenges them to keep up as “the words dip, soar, dive and fall” in passionate rendition, to coalesce with the energies that are Meridian.



Quote fromĀ Words and Rags by Justin McGrail, 2012