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osWelcome to the Vancouver Island University Open Educational Resource Directory, a website which allows instructors and students to quickly access links to open educational content for course development, assignments, or creative projects. The sites are organized by the types of media you will find on them using categories and tags. Click on the image of a site to go to the resource.

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Knowing Home: Braiding Indigenous Science with Western Science


“Knowing Home attempts to capture the creative vision of Indigenous scientific knowledge and technology that is derived from an ecology of a home place. The traditional wisdom component of Indigenous Science—the values and ways of decision-making—assists humans in their relationship with each other, the land and water, and all of creation. Indigenous perspectives have the potential to give insight and guidance to the kind of environmental ethics and deep understanding that we must gain as we attempt to solve the increasingly complex problems of the 21st century.”

National Gallery of Art: Public Domain Images 


NGA Images is a repository of digital images of the collections of the National Gallery of Art. On this website you can search, browse, share, and download images. A standards-based reproduction guide and a help section provide advice for both novices and experts. More than 45,000 open access digital images up to 4000 pixels each are available free of charge for download and use (mostly public domain). NGA Images is designed to facilitate learning, enrichment, enjoyment, and exploration.

The Open Syllabus Project 


The Open Syllabus Project is an effort to make the intellectual judgement embedded in syllabi relevant to broader explorations of teaching, publishing, and intellectual history.  The project has collected over 1 million syllabi, has extracted citations and other metadata from them, and is now pleased to make the Syllabus Explorer publicly available as a means of exploring this corpus.