Breaking Barriers in Education – Reflective Synthesis

  P.B. Yr. 6 Breaking Barriers in Education: Reflective Synthesis

Think back over the past five weeks of Content-Related Inquiry, Book Club, Films and Speakers, ECAP, Professional Development and Reflective Journaling.  Create a visual that represents the synthesis of your learning and insights for each of these areas, and makes the connections between the four of them and the following question:

How do these learnings and insights support you as you become a beginning teacher?

You will need to bring an image (e.g. mind map, picture, cartoon, poem, song, etc. ) and your journal with you for this presentation.

On October 11th, you will have an opportunity to share this with your PLP and with one of the content instructors.

Nadine – Lis – Peter –
9:00 PLP6 PLP3  PLP 1
10:00 PLP8 PLP9  PLP2
11:00 PLP5 PLP10  PLP7
1:00  PLP15  PLP 11  PLP 12
2:00 PLP13 PLP14 PLP4