Breaking Barriers in Education – Reflective Synthesis

  P.B. Yr. 6 Breaking Barriers in Education: Reflective Synthesis

Think back over the past five weeks of Content-Related Inquiry, Book Club, Films and Speakers, ECAP, Professional Development and Reflective Journaling.  Create a visual that represents the synthesis of your learning and insights for each of these areas, and makes the connections between the four of them and the following question:

How do these learnings and insights support you as you become a beginning teacher?

You will need to bring an image (e.g. mind map, picture, cartoon, poem, song, etc. ) and your journal with you for this presentation.

On October 3rd and 4th, you will have an opportunity to share this with your PLP and with one of the content instructors.

Monday Nadine – 276 Lis – 213 Ron – 221
9:00 PLP6 PLP3
10:00 PLP8 PLP9
11:00 PLP5 PLP10
2:00 PLP13 PLP14 PLP4
3:00 PLP15 PLP11 PLP12
9:00 PLP1
10:00 PLP2
11:00 PLP7