Our Days at Thetis Island

Our purpose for our days at Thetis Island is to set the foundation for our semester together.

Our goal is to provide our students with the opportunity to get  to know each other in their pods and across cohorts.  Our objectives are as follows:

  • to develop a protocol regarding how we are going to ‘be’ with each other
  • to develop a sense of the questions and issues nested in our three areas – social justice, governance, and inclusion – as they pertain to us as teachers
  • to experience learning in nature, outside of the confines of traditional classrooms
  • to have fun together


What to bring:

  • your own bedding, ideally a sleeping bag, pillow, a sheet for the mattress if you want, and your own towel.  We will be staying in cabins that house about 8 people each.
  • clothing weather appropriate, bathing suit, good walking shoes, bring warmer clothing for the evening.  Bring a bathing suit!
  • toiletries
  • materials to take notes
  • Musical instruments or games if wanted
  • An idea or area where you would be willing to lead a small group (e.g. Discussion, activity, outdoor activity, music, story telling, art, drama, poetry, etc.).  You will have an opportunity to lead in one of these areas together with other students.
  • We will be making talking stickers with our VIU Elder Stella Johnson.  If you have a favourite  foot long piece of drift wood or stick, beads and/or  shells (with holes), ribbons, bring them along to personalize your stick.  We will have some supplies available as well.

* Please note that Pioneer Pacific is a no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs zone.  Out of respect for our hosts, we request that you refrain from bringing any of these items with you.


We will organize carpools to get to Thetis and Pioneer Pacific Camp during the first day of classes.  Please note that the field trip fee does not include transportation.


Please pick up a field trip payment form from the Education Office, and go to the Cashiers office to pay. Cost will be 50.00. Travel expenses are separate. There are no required book costs in order to help you with this expense.


8:00 – Meet at Chemainus Ferry Terminal. You are responsible for purchasing your own ferry ticket. The fee will cover your return trip as well

8:30 – Ferry leaves Chemainus

9:30 – Check in at Pioneer, getting oriented with the location and where we’ll be staying

10:30 – Welcome and overview of our days together

11:00 – Scavenging for Activities

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Community in Action: How the Community at Thetis Island is embracing sustainability to close the circle (to be confirmed)

2:00 – Two one hour rotating sessions – Learning How to be Together using Talking Sticks (Auntie Stella) Outdoor and community activities for those not working with Auntie Stella

4:00 – Preparation for Coffee House/ Cooking in your PLPs

6:00 – Dinner

7:30 – PLP marshmallow challenge

8:30 – Coffee House

10:30 – Lights out (but still chatter!)


8:15 – Breakfast

9:15 – Sessions – Earth Charter and ECAP discussion

11:00  – Outdoor Activities (kayaking, archery, ropes course, swimming, etc.) and Leanring How to be Together with Auntie Stella

12:30 – Lunch

1:30 – PLP time: protocol, planning for first cycle, discuss ideas for CAP, start identifying questions for their inquiry cycles

3:00 – Clean up

3:45- Leave Camp

4:30 – Ferry to Chemainus