Professional Learning Pods (PLPs)

Throughout the semester you will be grouped into a Professional Learning Pod (PLP) of about 5-7 students.  The pods have been designed so that members are situated in the same community and/or school in order to encourage you to practice Place-Based Learning/Teaching and to design a Collective Action Project (CAP) that is connected to your schools and/or community. Hopefully it will also be possible for you to meet as a pod in your community on Wednesdays and Thursdays when there are no requirements for you to travel to campus. A faculty mentor has been assigned to each pod.  The responsibilities of the faculty mentor are as follows:

  • Arrange a time to meet with the PLP on a weekly basis at a time and location that is convenient for the PLP and the mentor. Tuesday afternoons is a convenient on campus time, but alternative times can be arranged to suit each group.
  • At each weekly meeting the mentor will check in with the members of the PLP on how the personal inquiries, the CAP, and the book club discussions are progressing.
  • The faculty mentor will provide support and guidance in each of these three areas as needed/requested by the pod.
  • The faculty mentor will be available to provide support for the PLP if issues such as group dynamics and division of work load occur within the pod.
  • The faculty mentor will conduct, along with two external colleagues, the exit interviews of their pod members.
  • If possible, the faculty mentor will try to attend Friday morning inquiry presentations of their PLP.



Yr 6 PB Checklist – weekly conversations-meetings