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Idea Generator based upon the Holland Code of Vocational Choices

Idea Generator (Sheridan College) based upon the Holland Code of Vocational Choices

Idea Generator

This is a very simple but revealing tool to connect activities, values, occupations, interests, and basic skills to career choices and potential training options. This does not replace talking with education advisers, career centre professionals or teachers but it can help focus potential learners towards career training options.

Labour Market Trends on Vancouver Island

The Vancouver Island job market has been particularly tough on students and recent graduates during the recent four (4) year recovery. The following chart illustrates the employment trend from 1995 to 2012. The dip in employed persons reached a low in 2001 but a second occurred in 2009 creating a stagnant or flat trend line into 2013.
Employment Rates by Industry Vancouver Island 1995 – 2013

The labour market is always in transition and opportunities do emerge through new economic growth as well as attrition. As such, the following data chart provides some insights into employment trends by industry to 2015.
Estimated Employment Opening On Vancouver Island

Fine tuning to the region supported by VIU (Malaspina College Region) the following data chart illustrates estimated employment growth by industry to 2015.

Estimated Employment Growth in Malaspina College Region by Industry 2010 to 2015

A fairly consistent picture emerges that indicates the top job creating industries in the region and on Vancouver Island are construction, health/social assistance, accommodation/food services, information/culture/recreation and retail trade.

More specifically the occupations that appear to have the greatest number of openings in the region to 2015 are not surprisingly, carpenters, construction labourers, registered nurses, retail sales clerks, food counter attendants, truck drivers, early childhood educators/assistants, heavy equipment operators, receptionists, social services workers and cooks.

Estimated Openings by Occupation in Malaspina College Region 2010 to 2015

Although I’ve highlighted a number of occupations that appear to have emerging opportunities, it is always wise to complete your own due diligence when exploring future careers. I always encourage job seekers/students to interview people in the job that you are considering before you commit to training. These insiders can offer up some very valuable information, leads and insights into your career choice.

Recognize that all projections and assumptions are based upon past conditions and do not always predict or reflect all the macro-economic trends. This represents one possible scenario regarding future size and distribution of the workforce. Vancouver Island / Coast Development Region represent a regional population of 727,422 (2006 Census). Growth opportunities accounts for both attrition (retirements and death) as well as economic growth.