Recreation and Amusements in Canada – 2016

Recreation and Amusements in Canada – 2016

How much revenue does the recreation and amusement industry generate in Canada?

$ 9.7 billion was generated in 2016 in fitness and recreational sports centres, golf courses and country clubs, skiing facilities and all other amusement and recreation industries a 6.1% increase from 2015.

Fitness and recreational sports centres alone accounted for 3.6 billion an 11.9% increase from 2015.

Skiing revenues increased to $941.2 million an 11.6% increase from 2016.

Amusement parks and arcades generated $556.0 million, a 9.6% increase from 2015.

Recreational sports teams, marinas, bowling alleys, observation towers and all other related activities generated total operating revenue of $2.6 billion up 2.5% from 2015.

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