Course Assessment

Teaching strategies

A variety of teaching strategies may be used in this course including but not limited to: lecture, discussion, online sessions ( if technology permits), classroom exercises, lab exercises, demonstrations, workshop , video and examinations. Also possible Online synchronous format. Synchronous classes meet online on the same day and time every week. With this format, you’ll have live chat with the professor, supported by a “Google Hangout”. You can also use real-time text messaging to ask questions or interact with your professor and classmates. Online asynchronous format. Online asynchronous classes provide the maximum scheduling flexibility, allowing you to attend class any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this format, you’ll access recorded online sessions, and other instructional materials via the Internet. You’ll also participate in online discussions via chat, which permit more interaction among classmates and the professor. (When policies permits)

Method of Evaluating Students
Remarks Points
2 Assignments Passing/Failing markFailing to hand in these assignments will result of reduction of your project mark at the end as well 20
Project Report  10 marks    (Group mark, Group Working should be Properly and it will be evaluated at the end of the course) 10 Marks Presentation         (Individual Mark) 20
Final exam Written Exam 40
Midterm Quizzes Written Exam 20 

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