Team Case Assignments

Team Presentation

A problem-solving approach to case analysis will be introduced in class.  For this approach, the team should take a consultant role, and assume that it was hired by the organization to:

Make use of your knowledge of IS management; Provide an objective opinion on one or more problems; Provide realistic options for action for this organization

For other cases, a problem-solving approach may not be relevant, and the team should take an educator role.  The case may be viewed as a “textbook example” to be critiqued in relation to other class readings and/or experience.

Written Presentation

The text should be a maximum of 6 double-spaced pages.  You should include copies of all tables, diagrams, etc. used in your presentation.  The cover sheet should include team member names.  Provide copies to each member of the critiquing team and 2 copies to the instructor.

Oral Presentation

The presentation should be your professional best, last no more than 30 minutes, and each team member should have a part.  You should illustrate your presentation with PowerPoint slides; be sure that the fonts on these sides are readable when projected in your classroom.

Oral Critique

There will be a 5-minute break after the oral presentation while the critiquing team prepares.  During this time the other class members will complete a presentation evaluation form for each presenter.

The critiquing team should point out the positive aspects of the case presentation as well as those areas where there may be room for improvement or alternative conclusions.  If a problem-solving approach was appropriate for this case, the critiquing team should evaluate the case presentation for the following:

Accurate assessment of the current situation; Complete formulation of issues or problems; Technologically and organizationally sound recommendations for action

If a problem-solving approach was not appropriate, the critiquing team should evaluate the case presentation for:

Accurate presentation of the situation; Relevant application of class readings and experience

If your team has little to actually criticize about the earlier presentation, your team should at least present some alternative recommendations and the implications (or “next steps”) that you would recommend.

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