Project Management Checklist

A project management checklist for an information management project , some practical suggestions to ensure rapid project delivery?

A project management plan is a communications tool, which clearly sets expectations for all team members.

It helps new team members quickly see who is involved with the project and helps minimize project delays due to miscommunication. It also helps other stakeholders know what is expected of them and when.

Some organizations have very large IT departments and staff are assigned to numerous projects at one time—A project plan ensures that all team members know what they are expected to deliver, when it is required, who will accept the deliverable and how it will be approved.

The following items should be considered as part of project planning.

Project implementation plan checklist
Are all project management plans complete?
Are project management objectives clearly defined?
Did the project planning phase produce an approved project plan?
Is project resource planning complete?
Have project acceptance criteria been defined and approved by the business owner?
Has the project implementation schedule been reviewed and approved?
Does project team management address:

  • Project cost management;
  • Project integration management; and
  • Project management schedule.

Does the project manager have information management project management and leadership skills?
Does the resource plan include:

  • Software project management tools;
  • Project management scheduling software;
  • Other critical project resources;  and
  • Software test tools?

check markDoes the project management approach consider rapid project management methodologies?
Are project management processes defined?
check markDoes the project management approach and project methodology address iterative development, prototyping methodology and project management phases?
check markDoes the project management life cycle include lean project management or multi project management techniques?
check markDoes the project management method address project management reports and project time management?
check markDoes the project communications plan address all project management communication?
Is the risk management plan complete?
check markDoes the configuration management plan identify all project deliverables, owners and contributors?
Has software configuration management been addressed?
check markDoes the quality assurance plan include all aspects of project quality management?
check markIs project management scope defined and clearly defined in the requirements management plan?
check markAre documentation standards and project management templates defined?
check markDoes the documentation management plan address configuration management requirements for all project documentation and project management documents?
check markDoes project scope management define project change management procedures?

Project Management Checklist Summary…

A project management plan is a communications tool, which clearly sets expectations for all team members.

A project management checklist is a good way to ensure complete project planning.


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