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The problem with saying Canada’s not the problem

Some say that the 1.6% of total global emissions that Canada is responsible for is minuscule and that “we’re not the problem”. However, Canada is still ranked as the tenth largest emitter in the world and among the highest emitters per capita- more than China and India. The top 5 emitting countries only account for 56.6% of emissions. A global problem cannot be solved by 5 countries alone. See the full story here.

Photo Source: United Nations

Earth set to warm 3.2 C by 2100 unless efforts to cut emissions are tripled, new UN report finds

Recently, The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released its annual Emissions Gap Report. It’s stated that Earth is set to warm 3.2 C by 2100 unless efforts to cut emissions are tripled. Find the story here to see how G20 countries currently plan to reduce emissions (that must be tripled) vs. current levels, in other words, the Emissions Gap.

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Hello! And welcome to the new Awareness of Climate Change through education and research (ACER) website. We will be using this site to showcase the work we do at Vancouver Island University (VIU) and bring exposure to some of the current news surrounding conservation and climate change.

To begin things, here’s an article on rising temperatures in Australia.