GamePlay Blog – Week 8

Sat. Nov. 4th, 2017

What game did I play?
Grand Theft Auto 4

How long did I play & what time of day?
6:58 pm – 10:07 pm

Where did I play?

Did I play with anyone else?

Did I play because I wanted to or because I felt I had to?
Because I had to

How did I decide what game to play?
I’ve been inspired to play it since playing GTA: Vice City

How do I feel about the game?
Before: I’ve been looking forward to playing this game ever since finishing the predecessor. GTA 4 is another old favourite of mine, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve played it — I can’t remember the last time. I think I’ll appreciate this upgraded edition of GTA, with its significant number of improvements over the previous games. Right now my reason for playing is that I need to for my blog, but I suspect it might change once I start getting back into the game. With Vice City, it didn’t take long after starting the game that I was playing more because I wanted to than because I had to.

After: The time flew by as I started to get reacquainted with this great game. It seems like the best motivation I can find for playing a game is to just play it for a while. I’m looking forward to playing it more, pretty much as soon as possible — I wanted to add that the morning after this initial session, it was one of the first things that came to mind after getting up. I absolutely appreciate the improvements of this game compared to Vice City. Not so much the improved graphics, which are much nicer, but more for smaller things like better control of the view while driving, being able to initiate a mission by driving into the marker rather than having to get out of your vehicle to activate it, various characters placed around the map with optional side-missions, more realistic and less arcade-style mechanics/physics for driving, a much larger map with more control over placing markers and routes, and especially the ability for the on-screen mini map to zoom out by pressing d-pad down.

Did anything unexpected or noteworthy happen?

Did I stop playing because I had to go, had other things to do, felt guilty for playing too long, or because I got annoyed and quit?
I was feeling tired

How much on a scale of 1-10 did I enjoy this gaming experience?

Time played this week: 3 hours, 9 minutes

For two weeks since finishing with Vice City I was struggling to keep up with school and work, and my gameplay blog fell by the wayside for the first time. It felt good this week to get back into the assignment. Though I only had one session for this blog entry, it was arguably the best yet. In week 1 when I began my blog, I was reluctant to play and only did it because I had to, but immediately started playing less because I had to and more because I wanted to. I feel that this is the situation again. Doing this gameplay blog is likely the first time I’ve ever felt like I was being productive while playing a video game, which has been nice. It’s sort of like getting a paid break from work — like being rewarded for a leisure activity. It reminds me that play and work don’t have to be separate, and the most fulfilling lifestyles are likely those where we make a living by doing what we enjoy. Not simply trading our time for money, but rather being appreciated for our skills, knowledge, experience and opinions.

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