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Level One materials are now developed (see all line items below).  They are only in PDF format for viewing purposes until they are all moved into a permanent/centralized location for access of MS Word / editable versions for all instructors to use. They will be moved in the upcoming weeks (hopefully by end of March).

The pilot phase will start now until late September. If you have any feedback on the work done please email us at ciel@viu.ca. In late June we will be doing one major update to the documents and in early October our final set of updates – from your feedback.

Level 1 Course Plan(this is a high level overview of how an instructor MIGHT organize all the projects and assessments in a 7 week time frame)Level 1 Sample Overall Course Plan

Level 1 Integrated Activity NOTE: (Applies to D1-AC2, F1, G3-AC1 and G3-AC2 and H3) The developers of these activities built integrations for learning through 5 achievement criteria. This note explains the connections. Integrated Achievement Criteria Rationale and Flow Level 1

Level 1 First 10 Days: (Sample lesson outlines)  Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10

Level 1 Homework and Exam Guides: Level 1 Carpentry – Homework Guide 2017 Instructor Copy Template | Level 1 Carpentry – Homework Guide 2017 Student Copy Template | Level 1 Carpentry – Homework Guide April 2017 | Level 1 Carpentry – Exam Breakdown

Line Item/Competency : A1
Project Name: Interpret Information from the OHS Regulations (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : A2
Project Name: Safety Practices Evaluation Tool (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : B1-AC1 
Project Name: Drawing Project – Garage  (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : B1-AC2 
Project Name:  Interpret Plans (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : B2
Project Name:  Interpret Building Code (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : B3
Project Name: Prepare a Work Plan for a Practical Project (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : C1
Project Name: Sawhorse Hand Tool Project (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : C2
Project Name: Circular Saw Project (Cross Mitre, Bevel Cuts and Ripping) (uploaded March 3)


Line Item/Competency : C3-AC1
Project Name: Procedures on Table Saw including Ripping and Cross Cuts (updated March 4)


Line Item/Competency : C3-AC2
Project Name: Bench Grinder Sharpening a Chisel or Plane Iron (updated March 4)


Line Item/Competency : D1-AC1
Project Name: Identify and Record Survey Circuit  Elevations (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : D1-AC2
Project Name: Transfer Elevations Project (updated March 3)


Line Item/Competency : E1
Project Name: Scaffold Set up with Access Ladder Activity (uploaded March 3)


Line Item/Competency : E2-AC1
Project Name: Hand Signals Activity (uploaded March 4)


Line Item/Competency : E2-AC2
Project Name: Knot Tying Activity (uploaded March 4)


Line Item/Competency : F1
Project Name: Setting Up Batter Boards and String Lines for a Foundation (uploaded March 4)


Line Item/Competency : G3-AC1 | G3-AC2
Project Name: Concrete Framework with Quick Strip and Snap Tie Systems (uploaded March 4)


Line Item/Competency : H3
Project Name: Stairwell Opening Project (uploaded March 4)

Line Item/Competency : H5
Project Name: Stair with Handrail Project (uploaded March 4)


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