Project Overview

This project is about creating teaching resources for instructors  around the achievement criteria across all four levels of the newly harmonized Apprenticeship Carpentry Curriculum (Program Outline, May 2016) but also easily applied to Foundation programs (Levels 1 and 2). This project will develop (create and enhance) Project Activity Plans and corresponding Evaluation Tools for all achievement criteria across all four levels. Level 1 will be done first.

The project aims to provide many components of an “Instructor Guide”. The project will create project activity plans for each of the achievement criteria along with evaluation/summative assessment tools to appropriately inform students of the demonstrations of learning. In addition, the project will provide supplementary materials to assist the instructor in deploying the project/activity plan which may include project resources, diagrams, learning materials or formative assessment instruments. If time permits, the project will develop a small selection of digital resources (videos/animations).

Draft materials will be shared via this website with articulation committee-carpentry instructors across province as they become available seeking their input and feedback.

The work builds upon that started at the June 2016 Sprint.

The project is being led by Vancouver Island University with a project team consisting of two Carpentry Program instructors (one from the island and one from the interior of BC), one educational developer and a project lead working together from November 2016 – April 2017 to complete the project.

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