Priorities + Timelines

Project Priorities

Priority 1: This project aims to complete project activity plans (one to two page descriptions of possible activities for students to demonstrate learning of achievement criteria), evaluation tools (rubrics, checklists, rating scales, marking schemes including delineation of each achievement criteria) and supplemental materials (drawings, blueprints, worksheets, handouts, photos, resources) for each of the achievement criteria (note: many projects encompass a small collection of criteria) across all four levels by end of April 2017 .  In addition, this project will create a course plan (with week-by-week suggested projects and timeframes) to assist instructors is seeing a possible scope and sequence of how all the projects and achievement criteria couild be deployed over the entire Level.

Priority 2:  For all four levels this project hopes to collect and curate any shareable resources from across province via this website. In addition the project team hopes to build a collection of formative assessment components for all four levels (e.g., informal classroom assessment tools, activities to check for learner comprehension).

The instructor guide will also be built out to assist instructors with instructor tips and suggestions on topics such as: achieving course expectations, classroom management tips for group work, marking and evaluation tips (how to assess individuals, peers and self-assessment) and descriptions of student-focused learning strategies.

Priority 3: If time permits, the project will create digital resources as identified in the Sprint (e.g., videos or video explanations of a number of key topics from across all four levels).

Estimated Timelines for Priority Completion

End February – Priority 1: Level 1 (19 Project Activity Plans, 19 Evaluation Tools, 19 Supplementary Material Collections, along with a Level 1 Course Plan)

Mid-March– Priority 1: Level 2 (6 Project Activity Plans, 6 Evaluation Tools, 6 Supplementary Material Collections, along with a Level 2 Course Plan)

End of MarchPriority 1: Level 3 (X* Project Activity Plans, X Evaluation Tools and X Supplementary Material Collections, along with a Level 3 Course Plan)

Mid-April – Priority 1: Level 4 (X* Project Activity Plans, X Evaluation Tools and X Supplementary Material Collections, along with a Level 4 Course Plan)

End April Priority 2 Items (Curate and Collect Resources from Province, Formative Assessment and Additional Instructor Guide Items)

End April – Priority 3 Items (Digital Resources), Wrap up of Whole Project, Assemble Instructor Guide Components

*Number of projects (composition of achievement criteria into projects) still to be determined

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