This page briefly outlines the progress of the project and what has transpired and is anticipated to be worked on.

September 2016 – Project development, meetings were had to flesh out process.

October 2016 – Project development, BCIT/VIU meetings to set up charter, set up share drive for project members, finalized two instructors, reviewed of Sprint material, determining in-scope activities

November 2016 – Two-day intensive session with instructors, educational developer and project lead, planning out level 1 and 2 projects, finalizing template for projects, building timelines, created table of contents for instructor guide and built days/per instructor schedule, worked on a couple of  Level 1 projects

December 2016 – Completed drafts for a couple of level 1 projects, built out a few evaluation tools, created website for sharing, liaised with project partners

January 2017 – Confer with instructors on Level 1 project drafts for release to province, upload files to website, seek feedback and update materials with input, continue to work on Level 1 projects, evaluation tools and supplemental materials

February 2017 – Worked on Level 1 and began work on Level 2

March 2017 – Level 2 and 3, starting on Level 4

April 2017 – Level 4, Finish up project

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