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Carpentry Instructors: Do you have a Carpentry Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 resource you wish to share? (handout, blueprint, photo, worksheet, project, marking tool, activity, idea etc!) This might be a resource you or a colleague created or you obtained from someplace that allows for sharing.

The Carpentry Harmonization Project is looking for resources to collect and then sort through to see if they’d complement the work and project development activity. All resources will be vetted and some may be included in the final instructor guide package if they are appropriate and not duplicating what we may have.

Sharing Rights: By submitting a resource you are indicating that you have the rights for sharing (you created it yourself or a colleague did and they give permission for sharing across the province). Please ensure you tell us who created the resource so we can give proper attribution/credit.

The resources (and all other work of the Carpentry Harmonization Project) will be  most likely stored on a web share drive that is accessible by log in and password for all BC Carpentry instructors. 

INSTRUCTIONS: If you have a resource -please either upload the file(s) below via the form (and it will be sent to us) or email us separately at .

Share Your Resources by Uploading (up to) 3 Files

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