The Open Education movement has many merits in terms of providing free resources to students and instructors from K-12 to post-secondary and graduate education -“open” in terms of no commercialization or publisher/company involvement. Open also means that it has been made available under the Creative Commons licensing in terms of sharing, repurposing, and using. This is a list of open (free) textbooks for use at the college and university level. Using open textbooks saves students much money (up to $1300 a year or more) and provides them and instructors with learning materials that they can share, mark up, easily distribute and access free of charge. Here is a list (as of October 2012) of the best sites to find digital and free textbooks to use.

Flatworld Knowledge:

  • Claims to be first and largest publisher of open and free textbooks
  • Former publisher staff have built company on investments to offer cheap print and free digital versions of high quality textbook titles
  • Catalog as of October 2012 has over 100+ titles –


OER Commons:





  • Part of Rice University, Connexions is a repository of free learning materials
  • Content is modularized and isn’t always a textbook per se, but covers many topics



  • open books for an open world is their tag line
  • Open textbooks, manuals, annotated texts and guides
  • Nearly 2500 books available freely for editing



  • Just getting going in late 2012, there are a few published books of high quality
  • Check back frequently for updated books added to collection


BookBoon –


Free Book Centre:

  • a collection of links to free books in medical, physics, computer science, mathematics and electronics


Global Text Project –



  • Although K-12 focused, there are many good books here that might assist students with concepts in first year, Adult Basic Education, International High School or Faculties of Education and International Education
  • High quality site, with modularized resources and larger texts



  • Non-profit organization funded by Michael Saylor
  • Provides over 200 free self-paced courses with learning materials and text readings within
  • Focus on undergraduate university/college level
  • All courses are open  to all


Free Technology Academy:

  • Founded by two European universities, houses a free online master technology programme about free technologies, has modules about free technologies
  • Modules/Texts: