I was recently asked to look into a free tool for polling students (that would show them immediate results) within the D2L environment.  D2L currently doesn’t have a poll tool/widget, although it is a requested feature:   http://desire4community.com/feature-request-polling-widget-in-desire2learn/

After researching and testing many the free online poll sites, my favorite product for polling is questionpro.com.  Here’s an example of a poll embedded in a D2L html page:

Question Pro Example

The reason QuestionPro is my favorite is because of its flexibility and function.  It also has some great reporting options.  Here’s the link to the QuestionPro Site:  http://www.questionpro.com – it’s worth giving it a try.

USING D2L To Build A Survey

I also created and tested building a poll in D2L using the survey tool.  I found that with some manipulation, I was able to create a survey that would give students immediate results much like a poll.  Here is what those results look like:

D2L Survey / Poll results

If you’re interested in finding out more on building surveys and polls in your D2L course, feel free to contact us.