MicrophoneIn January 2013 The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning along with the support of the Vice President Academic and Provost offered a limited number of grants to VIUFA and BCGEU instructors. The purpose of the grant was to allow instructors the opportunity to purchase a teaching or learning resource to support the teaching practice of the applicant or their department.  The application process consisted of a short application that was submitted to CIEL.

The successful applicants Wacom Tabletwere awarded up to $500 dollars towards the purchase of a resource providing support for teaching and learning (such as teaching tools, subscriptions, small technology peripherals or discipline-specific resources). The items were things that an instructor would not typically purchase with their own money or with Professional Development money.  Items purchased through these grants were items that will enhance learning and teaching happening with students.

This year 20 grants were handed out to instructors and the grant items ranged from wireless mice, speakers, and Raspberry Pi’s. Many instructors showed an interest in video production equipment to help with online teaching enhancement. Another popular item was graphic tablets which enable an instructor to draw images and numbers.


We hope these items make a difference and enhance learning and teaching here at Vancouver Island University.  Congratulations to the recipients of the grants, we look forward to hearing how these items enhanced the teaching and learning experience.